Taleo Lighting Technologies
is a part of Taleo Group with its headquarters located in Gdansk, Poland.
The company was founded to supply high quality light fittings for the marine market, as well as for other types of industry.

We offer a wide range of lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor vessel’s areas, off-shore, and shipyard facilities. In our offer you can also find light fixtures designed for operating in the most demanding working conditions, e.g.: in hazardous areas (explosion proof light fittings for zone 1,21,2,22 ), railway (vandalproof light fittings), food industry, high and low ambient, temperature, high corrosive environment, etc.

We know that lighting is one of the most important factors in providing a safe working environment.
Our products meet the highest quality standards, as well as they are based on the latest technology.

We always hear what our customers are saying and treat them like a valued partner, as partnership is very important for us.
Our goal is to deliver as promised: on time and with the best price.

With this website we hope to show you not only our products but also our competence.

Please do not hesitate to contact us:
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